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Conveniently located on the ring road around the Westgate Mall.

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Suboxone Clinic and Sublocade Doctors Brockton, MA

At Recovery Connection we treat you like FAMILY. Affordable (FREE for most people), Effective and Judgement Free by people who have been where you are before. We want to help you to stop chasing drugs so you can get your life back on track. Our treatment plan includes NO preaching, NO judgement, and NO “3 strikes you’re out.”

As long as you keep trying, we’ll never give up on you… even when you feel like giving up on yourself.

Give us a call today at 877-557-3155 so we can prove it.

(We know the first phone call is the hardest—especially after a year like 2020 where overdose rates went up by 30%—but we promise it’s so worth it.)


The mission of Recovery Connection Centers of America is to provide the highest quality medical and behavioral health treatment to those afflicted by substance abuse dependency within the various communities in which we treat. We will assist our clients suffering from this terrible affliction through the latest advances in medication for addiction treatment (Mat) as a complementary, innovative practice to be utilized alongside proven therapeutic modalities.

In order to achieve this goal, we have designed our offices to provide eligible patients comprehensive pharmacologic and behavioral interventions. We assist each client to abstain from illicit substances, improve their mental health and physical wellbeing and reintegrate themselves as productive members in our communities.

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We go above and beyond working alongside our patients while they go through the recovery process step by step. Clients are experts in their own personal life experiences and goals, let their stories be heard and listen to their needs.


The connections we make with each and every client are made with our hearts. You are able to connect to the people around you, who become part of your journey.


We take the time to listen to the clients thoughts, concerns, and values. Being able to be truthful about drug use, and past treatment experiences.


We are able to utilize clients information to build a stronger relationship with them, which also helps for better overall healthcare. Learning to trust is an extremely moving and meaningful experience to share with another human being.