We go above and beyond working alongside our patients while they go through the recovery process step by step. Clients are experts in their own personal life experiences and goals, let their stories be heard and listen to their needs.


The connections we make with each and every client are made with our hearts. You are able to connect to the people around you, who become part of your journey.


We take the time to listen to the clients thoughts, concerns, and values. Being able to be truthful about drug use, and past treatment experiences.


We are able to utilize clients information to build a stronger relationship with them, which also helps for better overall healthcare. Learning to trust is an extremely moving and meaningful experience to share with another human being.


At Recovery Connection, we understand that drug addiction doesn’t discriminate. From the soccer mom trying to manage a full schedule & never-ending chore list…
To the executive under constant pressure to keep climbing up the corporate ladder...
To the post-op patient trying to manage physical pain with a dangerous (but necessary) medication...
To the young adult who grew up in the system, trying to cope with never having a sense of normalcy or stability…
… ANY of us could find ourselves in a situation where—for whatever reason—we’ve lost control and we need some support getting our life back on track.
No matter what addiction looks like for you, we understand that when you pick up the phone to get help, that phone call could be the hardest thing you ever do. We’re hoping to make it a bit easier for you.
That’s why we treat each and every patient with dignity, compassion, and respect. (Or as our patient’s would describe it… “They actually treat me like a normal human.”) With no preaching. No judgement. And no punishment.
Where most center’s have adopted a “3 strikes your out policy,” we have a more compassionate view. As long as you keep trying, you’ll have INFINITE strikes. Meaning we’ll never give up on you, even if you’re just about ready to give up on yourself.
The “we” refers to our highly credentialed staff—with psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, medical doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, and nurse practitioners at every location—but perhaps more importantly, a team of people who “get it.” Majority of them have either had issues with drug/alcohol addiction themselves or they watched a close family member go through it.
This unique advantage means we understand that there are LOTS of ways to get clean. And you’ve most likely already tried several of them.
So how are you supposed to know if Recovery Connection is right for you?
Here are three things we’d like you to know:

1) We are a non-methadone center.

While we understand that methadone works wonders for some people (which is great!), we also understand that many are still searching for an alternative.
Our patients who have tried using methadone as a means of treatment in the past have told us it was

A) Difficult to get—requiring DAILY visits to a clinic or doctor,
B) Difficult to live with some of the side effects,

That’s why we don’t use Methadone here.
Rather a medication treatment called Suboxone, which is a safer, more convenient, and very effective alternative.

2. We offer outpatient treatment so you don’t have to put your life on hold.

Rehab centers have saved the lives of countless people, but we also know that they come with some big obstacles. The expense only excludes a lot of people from getting the help they need, and putting your life on hold for 30-90 days (or more) isn’t always what those seeking recovery truly needs.
(And we often hear that a lot of people simply feel awkward and out-of-place at facilities with traditional religious-based or 12-step programs when they aren’t necessarily Christian.)
Our treatment—both medication and counseling—are fully-covered by insurance for 99% of the people we support. And you don’t have to put your life on hold to begin your recovery (the beginning of the rest of your perfectly messy & “normal” life)!

3. Counseling is a required part of our treatment.

Without an understanding of the underlying problems that created the addiction in the first place, you’re MUCH less likely to “stay clean.”
This isn’t ONLY about detoxing off drugs. This is about improving YOUR life for the better!
Which is why our services are personalized to help YOU the way YOU need.
And because of it, we’re beyond proud to have helped our patients completely transform their lives. Getting back custody of their children, getting jobs they’re proud of, getting a home / car / and clothes that make them look as good as they feel...
Most importantly, our patients figure out how to live happy lives while feeling like “normal humans” again. They no longer have to plan their day around their meds. They no longer have family and friends worrying about their every move. They can manage stress & challenges without self-harm and destructive behaviors.
One patient described it best when he shared these words with us:
(No name or identifying details are included for privacy.)
“Before seeking help, it felt like everybody else just DEALT with life, and for some reason… I just couldn’t.
I tried EVERYTHING to stay clean: self help books, meditation, religion, Native American wisdom, positive thinking, vitamin therapy, shamanism, counseling, NA meetings, 1 rehab stay, & the good old stand-by: white knuckle, skin of your teeth, cold turkey!
I’ve now quit for the 1,000th time but this time, with something that WORKS for me. No cravings, no depression, no nausea or headaches the next day. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.
The best part is that my daughter has her father back.
Last night, while snuggled in a chair reading a bedtime story she asked me, ‘Daddy, why are you crying?’
I replied, ‘I’m just so happy, baby.’
For the first time in a long time, I really am.”


The mission of Recovery Connection Centers of America is to provide the highest quality medical and behavioral health treatment to those afflicted by substance abuse dependency within the various communities in which we treat. We will assist our clients suffering from this terrible affliction through the latest advances in medication for addiction treatment (MAT) as a complementary, innovative practice to be utilized alongside proven therapeutic modalities.

In order to achieve this goal, we have designed our offices to provide eligible patients comprehensive pharmacologic and behavioral interventions. We assist each client to abstain from illicit substances, improve their mental health and physical wellbeing and reintegrate themselves as productive members in our communities.

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